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London Design Festival 12 - 20 September 2020

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been looking hard at our options and have consulted our partners, the broad design community, and the Mayor’s office about London Design Festival going ahead in September. 

The overwhelming consensus is that it should, and that it is important the design community stands together in these challenging times. We want to put the spotlight on the brilliance of London’s design scene at a time when it needs to be promoted more than ever.

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2020 Landmark Projects
2020 Festival Commissions & Special Projects
2020 Graphic Identity

Since 2007, world-renowned creative agency Pentagram, have produced an annual graphic identity for each iteration of the Festival - responding to, and anticipating, trends in design and typology. While the Festival’s colour theme of white on red has been consistent, Pentagram have adapted each brief to produce distinctive visual identities to ensure that each edition of the Festival is unique. Dominic Lippa, Partner, Pentagram, has led the creative direction of the branding and visual design for the Festival since the very beginning.

Lippa says, "This year we wanted to (metaphorically) fill London with design. We developed the idea of filling any space we’re promoting with words and letters which relate to the Festival, such as ‘LDF’, ‘London’, ‘Design’, ‘Festival’ and ‘2020’. We adapted the typography to reduce the negative space in order to completely fill the page or screen. London Design Festival is all about impact and this year’s identity makes a strong and confident statement. 2020 has brought its own unique challenges, but despite the difficult situation we’ve all faced in the past few months, we very much believe this will be a great – albeit quite different – year for LDF.”