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Making the Medals

Hannah Martin explains, In the initial discussions with London Design Festival and Pentagram we talked a lot about London, what signified London, and how this could be represented. The idea of a bird in flight felt like it struck the right note with a sense of freedom of thought and a feeling of being able to fly to great heights." 


London-based jewellery designer Hannah Martin was commissioned to create a unique award for the London Design Medals. Hannah approached the design and fabrication of the Medals as she would a piece of jewellery, paying special attention to the narrative behind the design of the medal. 

The Medals feature a London bird, the Cockney Sparrow, in flight. Each Medal spans 13cm in diameter incorporating graphic design with Martin's signature facet edges. 

The four Medals were made using a process known as ‘lost-wax casting’ – first realised by hand in hard jeweller’s wax on the bench. The form is then converted to a negative mould, from which future replications can be taken. Conveying understated strength as well as a sense freedom, the medals are finished in either silver, gold or black rhodium.