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V&A Commission

Reflection Room, by designer Flynn Talbot, was an immersive coloured light experience that was the first London Design Festival installation to be housed in the Prince Consort Gallery.

The vaulted space was lit at each end to highlight and define the dramatic 35m length of the gallery, its ceiling structure, and visitors to the installation. It was illuminated with Talbot’s signature of complementary blue and orange lighting, and large black reflective Barrisol panels were used to expand the width of the space, offering a fragmented view of shifting colours, faceted reflections and light.

"Reflection Room is a completely site-specific work," explained Talbot, an Australian lighting designer living and working in London. "I conceived the idea standing in the gallery, and wanted to add my story on top of the beautiful existing architecture, but not to take it over. I wanted to add to its beauty and to exhibit in a new way with an abstracted view of the existing cabinets and amazing ceiling structure. With all of my work I want to create new experiences using light that build a connection between people and place."

Refection Room uses 56 custom-made stretch membrane Barrisol panels in gloss black. Woven within the panels, at each end of the room, were strips of orange and blue LEDs, a combination of colours that has become something of a signature for Talbot, who continues to believe "creates a certain magic". The resulting play of verticals served to transform the space into a vivid chapel of coloured light. "I want people to explore the gallery - moving, shifting, stopping, meandering," said Talbot. " The visitors were an integral part of installation. Each person was lit in a unique way depending on where they were standing, adding to the rich depth of reflections within the gallery."

The room was lined with wooden cupboards that opened to reveal a series of drawers where precious artefacts were once kept. " The history of the Prince Consort Gallery space is incredible," Talbot noted. "At one time there were upwards of 30,000 textile samples stored here. Each one with its own story, colours, patterns, textures. I wanted to do an ultra-modern take on this and use very modern materials like Barrisol. Their stretch membrane material is like nothing else and for me is like a futuristic textile."

Flynn Talbot

Flynn Talbot is an Australian lighting artist and designer based in London, UK. Talbot creates lighting installations and commissioned pieces for galleries and unique buildings along with innovative lighting products for serial production.

Talbot’s starting point is always the same for each project. He begins with the consideration of the “light effect” and constructs each project around it. Every decision and detail is made with the quality of light and user connection in mind. Talbot does not believe in being bound by style, material or form. This method creates a timeless quality and a strong point of difference in his work.


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