While We Wait




10am–5:45pm daily; Friday 10am-10pm

Free Event


While We Wait is an immersive installation by Bethlehem-based architects Elias and Yousef Anastas about the cultural claim over nature in Palestine.

The towering structure consists of elements of stone from different regions of Palestine, fading upwards from earthy red to pale limestone. The stone elements are shaped by both innovative and traditional techniques: they are designed on a computer, cut by robots and hand-finished by local artisans. The process of "stereotomy", the art of cutting stones so they can be assembled into a larger configuration, enables the lace-like structure to support itself. Moreover, the gaps between the stones allow viewers to look out, while evocative sound and video components encourage them to imagine the installation's eventual natural surroundings.

After being exhibited at the V&A, While We Wait will live permanently in the Cremisan Valley, where the controversial separation wall is currently being built. In stark contrast to the wall, which divides the Palestinian landscape, this installation inspired by the valley will venerate its extreme natural beauty.

To activate its function, a cultural programme will be co-created with the local community exploring some of the themes of the installation. It will act as a monument and gathering space owned by the community.

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