London Design Biennale 2018




The 2018 London Design Biennale will be devoted to the theme, Emotional States. National entries will explore how design affects every aspect of our lives – the way we live and how we live - but can also influence our very being, our emotions and experiences.

Emotions are universal, with shared meanings that transcend borders.

Installations will explore the full spectrum of emotional life, from happiness to anger, sadness to disgust.

Visceral exhibits and experiences will evoke moods and explore a particular country's design story. National entries will ask: how does design evoke, communicate and manipulate emotions? How can design promote and support well-being? Conversely, how can design provoke and address anger and stress? How might emotionally durable designs reduce the impact of consumption and waste? What are the possible consequences of robots as emotional machines?

Together the responses to the theme will present an exciting laboratory of ideas that will investigate the important relationship between design, strong emotional responses and real social needs.

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Somerset House




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Temple / Covent Garden / Charing Cross / Embankment

London Design Biennale

The London Design Biennale is an independent production from the founders of London Design Festival. The curated, three-week long Biennale brings an international element to London, complementing its citywide programme of commissions and Partner events every two years.

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