Fiorucci shop opening in Soho's Brewer Street




10am - 8pm Monday - Saturday, 12 - 6pm Sunday

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Fiorucci relaunches in Soho this September with a three storey destination store by the celebrated retail architects Brinkworth Design. Its new home will showcase a revitalised brand that is set to make shopping theatre again, 50 years after its inception.

Fiorucci redesigned fashion. The Italian brand created designer jeans before anyone knew denim could be more than workwear. They invented stretch jeans before anyone knew they wanted to wear their denim skin tight.
In the Seventies, Fiorucci made shopping a destination event before every brand decided to put on a show - they were the first to exploit pop art, music and celebrity.
Now, under new owners Janie and Stephen Schaffer, Fiorucci is back with a 21st century twist and a three storey shop in Soho this September. Its innovative new home is set to make shopping theatre once again.
In early October, Rizzoli will also be releasing a Fiorucci book that celebrates 50 years of the brand and the contributions it has made to art and design.

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